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Do you dream of spinning in teacups, taking the plunge down Splash Mountain, or watching your child’s face light up when they meet Olaf in the Happiest Place on Earth?

True Vacation Travel can make your Disneyland dreams come true with a low price guarantee, convenient payment plans, and access to all the knowledge and experience they’ve gained since opening their doors in 1988.

True Vacation Travel’s agent, Jason Olson, says there are two main keys to saving money on your dream trip to Disneyland. First: don’t wait. People that walk into the agency in May hoping to visit Disneyland over the summer are often blindsided by expensive rates.

Secondly, engage with a travel agent early, before you have concrete plans. This way, your travel agent can help coordinate a perfect vacation tailored just for you. Flexibility, such as visiting Disneyland during non-peak times, can save your family up to 50 percent. Jason suggests coming in 10 months before you’d like to hop on a Matterhorn bobsled.

There is no disadvantage to planning early, says Jason. If you book a trip and a promotion becomes available afterward, he can usually get it applied to your vacation. And True Vacation Travel guarantees the price you pay with them will be less or equal to anything you can book anywhere else.

Perhaps most importantly, agents at True Vacation Travel can give you suggestions about those rides, attractions and restaurants you don’t want to miss. A self-proclaimed “Disney nut,” Jason knows how to make your trip memorable, and he gets excited every time he helps plan a Disneyland trip.

One more tip he has for families visiting Disneyland: there’s so much to see, you probably won’t be able to do everything. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this time with your family in the Happiest Place on Earth.

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Beyond what you will find directly from Disney, you’ll enjoy some of our complimentary value added services including:

Advanced Dining Reservations

Disneyland has over 83 restaurants and dining locations on the property while Walt Disney World has over 300! A large number of those are table dining experiences where advanced reservations are either recommended or required. Some of these must be booked 90-180 days in advance. Regardless of where you are in your planning stages, please let me know if you’d like assistance in selecting and making advanced dining reservations for your group. If you would like to experience some of the best locations or best dining experiences around, booking early is extremely important. Additionally if your dining party is more than 4 people, it is also very helpful to secure advanced reservations.

Detailed Trip Planning Services

Beyond simply helping you plan your travel itinerary, we can assist you with planning out your specific days in the park, when do ride specific rides or see specific attractions to maximize your time. While you can simply visit the parks with the park map, my clients find they can experience over 50% more attractions in the same amount of time with a bit of advanced planning.

Special Adult Experiences

While we often think of a Disney vacation as something for the kids, we often can miss out on some of the experiences available for adults to enjoy. We can help you put together adult evenings, from romance or even just fine dining experiences which adults will appreciate more than most children. This could be special dining, special fireworks s, or spa treatments. We can also help you understand your options for “diversion experiences” for your kids of any age.

Special Celebrations

If you or someone in your party is celebrating anything special, please let me know. We can help arrange special experiences to make the vacation magical. There is a wide range of price options from free to lavish. Typical celebrations include – birthdays, anniversary, honeymoon, proposal/engagement, first visit, family gathering. As well as less common, such as religious celebrations, holidays, military homecoming, and more. We’d love to help you make your trip extra magical!

Special Needs

I can help make special arrangements and help you understand everything Disneyland has to offer for guest with special needs, from dietary (vegan, kosher, gluten-free, etc), to medical conditions or disabilities. Some of those include services for those who are: visually impaired, sign language services, autism, diabetes, epilepsy, latex allergies, wheelchairs, and more.

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