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At True Vacation Travel, we treat our clients as partners, not just as customers. Therefore, we want to take a little bit more time than most agencies to get to know you and to let you get to know us, like an engagement period. We provide you with a letter of engagement so that you know exactly what we expect to do for you. Below are the steps we hope to take as we work with you to plan your next vacation experience, and hopefully many in the future.

  1. Research Us

    Get to know us by reading some of the things we’ve published and what other people say about us. Below are some pages for finding out what we’re all about:

  2. Tell Us About Yourself

    Start by filling out our Online Confidential Form so we can learn more about you and what your perfect vacation entails.
    We know that there are many travel agencies out there that you could choose from, and by providing us with this information it will allow us to make sure that True Vacation Travel is the right agency to handle your needs and goals. We take privacy very seriously, and all personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

  3. Initial Appointment

    After receiving your completed form, it will be reviewed by our travel experts who will then contact you to set up your initial complimentary appointment. If you’d like you can go ahead and schedule an appointment yourself on our website: click to schedule an initial consultation (link)
    During your initial appointment, we will utilize this time to verify the information that has been sent to us and ask any additional questions that we feel will help us get to know you better. This is the perfect time to go over your travel expectations and potential concerns so we can address those right away before moving on to the planning stage.

  4. Second Appointment

    During your second appointment, we will officially welcome you as a client and begin to provide you with our expert recommendations for travel, and once you have decided on your vacation plans, we will prepare the appropriate documents to get you on your way as smoothly as possible.

  5. Ongoing

    From this point on, we will be happy to assist you with anything you need pertaining to your upcoming vacation experience. While other agencies may think their job is done once a client is booked, we go above and beyond to ensure no detail of your trip gets overlooked and will continue to help you in any way we can with additional services.

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