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Enjoy our superior service, with our personal commitment to providing you the very best vacation experience through comprehensive vacation planning services:

From the moment you become a client of True Vacation Travel, you receive the benefits of our expert and comprehensive planning services. We work to understand your travel desires, and match you to the perfect vacation, free from outside bias. Following that, when you choose to book a vacation package with us, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best value available. We have negotiated contracts with every major line, dozens of airlines and over 100,000 hotels worldwide.

Best price comes from booking early:

Throughout over our 26 years in the industry, one thing has remained the same — the best price comes to those who plan in advance. Currently, that is at least 7 months for land vacations and at least 10 months in advance for cruises.

Our 110% Best-Price Guarantee

We are confident that through our contracted rates we have the lowest available prices for our vacation packages either quoted or purchased from us. If you find a lower price, we will not only be very surprised but we will give you 110% of the difference as a future vacation credit!

Our basic terms include:

  1. Prices must be like for like, apples-to-apples, exactly the same;
  2. Publically available for purchasable from a company legally registered to sell travel in California;
  3. Independently verifiable through a website link or official quote on company letterhead; and
  4. You must already under a non-refundable deposit with True Vacation Travel, but not yet paid in full.

Contact your travel agent within 24-hours of booking, with all of the necessary details to reproduce the price you found. When claims are verified and approved you will receive a price difference plus 10% (of the difference) in the form of a non-transferable future travel certificate good for 1 year.

While not directly included in our price guarantee, if you are receive or are entitled to a private (non-public) promotion rate directly from the travel vendor or supplier, we can often apply these discounted rates for you up until final payment for that segment. Examples include vendor direct offers, Disney PIN-codes, and past-guest pricing.


Additional terms:

  1. Claims must be submitted within 24-hours after booking to be considered. At our option we reserve the right to consider price matches sent in after the initial 24-hours.
  2. Due to the way pricing of travel produces is conducted, once a trip element has been paid in full, it is excluded from the guarantee.
  3. Price guarantee is based solely on actual purchase cost for items as itemized on our invoice. If you use a promotion code, loyalty points or any other discount on a competitor’s site, the price is based on before any such discount is applied. Price difference cannot be due to taxes, fees, or a change in or use of a different foreign exchange rate.
  4. Verification is performed within 2 business days after receipt with the exception of non-prepaid travel which make take 7-10 business days to verify due to the nature of non-prepaid travel. When verification is performed the trip elements must still be available for purchase.
  5. You must complete travel as invoiced at the time of the price match: a reduction or change in the itinerary may invalidate a price match, and we may reverse or reduce the discount, as a result.
  6. In extremely limited cases, a competitor may sell a product below cost, in an attempt to attract new customers. In these very limited cases, we reserve the right to deny these claims.
  7. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time or restrict its available to any client, at any time, for any reason, without prior notice or liability.

To avoid disappointment, please be sure to do the following before submitting a claim:

  1. First, “bait and switch” is very common online, so please go “all the way” through to the purchase screen – but do not purchase travel. Verify the total price, and document it. Often the price will increase due to hidden fees from the online website. (See this informative article on so called ‘Ghost Fares’ for airline tickets)
  2. Document the steps necessary to reproduce the price you found – take a “screen shot” of the page with the most detail on your vacation – should include vacation dates, room type, etc. Take multiple shots if necessary.
  3. Go back a second time, starting from scratch to make sure you can find the same price again.

The following are examples which clarify our policy as it relates to specific situations:

  1. Prices must be “available to the public”, here are common examples of non-public pricing:
    1. Prices requiring any sort of signup or membership, including but not limited to AARP, AAA, Military, Costco, government rates, etc.
    2. Prices which cannot be legally advertised to the public, which is typically indicated by “call for pricing” or “logon for pricing.”
    3. Private price quotes designed to “beat” a specific price, but is not generally available to the public for new reservations.
    4. This also includes situations such as groups, charters, incentive, meetings, conference, interline or negotiated rates.
    5. Any sort of travel related to a sweepstakes or contest.
  2. Elements which need to match exactly (similar is not sufficient) to truly be “apples-to-apples”:
    1. Travel Dates: check in, travel dates, etc
    2. Traveler Information: number and age of people
    3. Numbers: such as flight numbers, departure number, etc
    4. Supplier: this is the name of the line, hotel, or vacation package provider
    5. Meals: if meals are included (such as hotel breakfast, etc)
    6. Other elements which reasonably affect price such as car rental type, bed configuration, etc.
  3. Situations which are not “apples to apples”:
    1. Cruises: Must be for staterooms with assigned room numbers only – guarantee or wait listed staterooms are excluded.
    2. Insurance: coverage varies significantly, so price comparisons among insurance must be for identical policies.
    3. Service Fees or Penalties: Due to the differences in services being performed, they cannot be considered “apples to apples” and thus are excluded.
    4. It does not apply to differences based on service, booking, processing, shipping, paper-ticket and other fees not included in the airfare. Additionally, a round-trip flight constitutes one booking and cannot be booked as individual one-way tickets to file separate claims.
    5. Where you do not have a specific named product prior to purchase – such as auction or biding websites.
    6. Where the taxes are not paid in advance are estimates only. They are applied uniformly regardless of purchase method and cannot be price matched.
  4. Out of pocket purchase cost excludes items such as on-board gifts or credits, or other non-tangible amenities.
  5. We reserve the right to 1) deny any claims that cannot be verified, or for which you have provided incomplete information; and 2)  request additional documentation to prove that any claim is not the result of fraud or suspicious behavior or contrary to the intent of the program.

Revised: March 2016


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